A New Project

Posted on June 10, 2014

I'm starting a new project.

If you've used the internet, you may have heard of John and Hank Green, the VlogBrothers. If you haven't heard of them by that name, you've probably at least seen one of their videos on YouTube. They started a project on the first day of 2007, called Brotherhood 2.0.

The project was for John and Hank to rebuild their relationship, which they left behind when they moved away from home, as most siblings do these days. They would take turns, each week day, making a video roughly 3 to 4 minutes long, talking to the other brother. If they missed a day, or communicated via text (email, instant message, etc) they would be punished, which happened fairly regularly. Throughout the project, the brothers would give each other challenges, and one challenge was for Hank to write and perform a new song every Wednesday on which he made a video. He accomplished this challenge, and released his first album in 2009.

I'm not sure if I'll accomplish the same greatness, but since I haven't written in over half a year, so I think it's time that I give myself some constraints. My new project is to write an article every week. Like Brotherhood 2.0, I'm going to have rules as well.

I'm planning for this project to start out lasting 2 months, for a total of 9 articles. You're probably asking, "Why all the hubbub for such a small project? Why wouldn't you make it longer if you really want to do it?" I'll let John explain.

Hank, I think it's safe to say that as much as we've enjoyed this project with each other, we never would've finished if people hadn't watched. First, because it was hard, and second, because I love not to finish stuff.

This is just a trial period. If I receive feedback (negative or positive, as long as it's constructive!) I'd like to continue indefinitely.

I'll be announcing new articles on App.net as I post them, and I invite you to comment there. This site will probably be moving to replace my old blog on my domain name pretty soon.